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Starting in 2018 THE STAGE STORY BOARD PUBLISHING® became a research entity defined to promote equality with women of ALL AGES. The compromise was to adhere to a new phenonenom called 'illumenattiae®' to be research entire as a private entity.

Starting in 2018 From this THE STAGE STORY BOARD PUBLISHING® is an unusual commercial entity providing logistical practice as an analytical format giving guidance through difficult 'ocean seas'.

The serious consequences obtained an argument from Nancy Pelosi to make a statement:

The insurrection of violence upon Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. gave a legislative undertaking to resurrect the 'legislation by Congressman Jamie Raskin' to applicate the 25th Amemdment in the United States Constitution to stabilise the administrative process of the Whitehouse, by requesting the Vice-President Mike Pence to 'mobilize the Cabinet to remove The President from Oath Of Office, Oval Office'. This precedes the Inauguration day only a few days to be delivered to the American People.

Upon this legislative undertaking The Republican 'blocked it' opposing Speaker Of House Nancy Pelosi cordial instructions.

Nancy Pelosi cordial instructions were then to translate into appointment of Impeachment Managers of constituent matters relating to the impeachment process and reform agenda. The violent attacks on Capitol Hill provoke an attack on the Staff and Offices Of Nancy Pelosi in Washington D.C. by which direct reports from Nancy Pelosi seeing her entrance destroy upon a mutilating effort by insurgents which can only be described by this anaylst as 'war intended as a gun slinging match depriving the Second Amendment of its integrity', where without knowledge of insurgents intent were the staff hiding within a internal conference room under the table.

Will be Donald Trump, seen as a Violent Undertaker Within the Whitehouse.

'The Record®'

Detailing Health Reforms, does the 25th Amendment give an indication Donald John Trump was a spur on Texas?

'The Record®'

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With the Yeas passing of majority, what does the 15the Amendment mean for Donald John Trump? A question to look at after Inauguration Day.