the porter®
Design and Stage Pressing Service®

THE STAGE STORY BOARD PUBLISHING™ is an intative to provide a service that give a woman® a resource to appreciate their beauty in nature®

Even if you used to model in publications that are now old and were about a non-ecological base such as Playboy, ZOO, or even Vogue a patterns an authority on media sources rather than set a 'trend' where waste with economical gain is a paramount picture in self-glorification, then do read.

Remember Madonna singing "Forget me not or I will FUCK YOU!". This highlights a depravity in song where a woman® expresses what should be said in church. The bigotry where individuals such as Britney Spears left to the adultery of the state where false witnesses can make claims and before you understand THEY HAVE MADE YOU A VICTIM, and they get the shitfull respect.

L'idea® di credere in se stessi non è essere un dattiloscritto o un monologo ma essere parte di qualcosa di buono. Far parte di qualcosa di buono significa rendersi conto che sei sessuale e promiscua. Quello che fai con questo ha a che fare con FUCK YOU e se il fondamentalismo della società è un attacco al tuo allineamento sociale della tua integrità sociale... quindi FOTTUTO!!!

....when articulation is needed, the

bend of the knee 'is always ladylike'...