artistic note®

Taylor Swifts new album Folk Lore,

a deliberate account of talent she has always had when expression is needed to fill a racist and flat world of capitolistic ideals. This album incorporates all of what is needed in every country where dominions of 'white' are open to allow a more transparent picture of being with our fellow country women, whether Latino, Indigenous, African, Asian or European.

The account of 'thank you' is to remove the sadness that these people were put behind her in a Grammy Award ceremony. 17 March 2021.

Taylor Swift has proven beyond doubt BIG MACHINE LABEL GROUP atrocious display of corruption gave Taylor Swift greater Rights as a Director than Joseph Kahn. An illustration of Racism by BIG MACHINE LABEL GROUP who manage many American Country Western Artist, or GREED unsurmountable to that of depreciating a woman of her talent in the past?


author's note®

Amanda Gorman a woman of distinction, who gave a momentus occasion for 'white people' to ride her success.

Some people called Amanda Gorman an activist, and they are not? THE HILL WE CLIMB is much about people that Act as renegades and ensure her justice is not restored to a glory that sees the color of her skin more a beauty of nature, and sensual to her femininity.

The Inauguration, sure, it was a popular opinions stakes for all those media organizations that saith you had to do to prove yourself. What Republicans did not do the same and Donald acclaimed Barack as a failure?

The truth is, when Amanda Gorman was born, she was a gift to society like her brothers and sisters around the world, not matter what they do in their life.. look at Nelson Mandela in Africa! THE HILL WE CLIMB is all about that, the encouragining fact that 'we have to work harder'.







⬜️ Is Dita Von Teese truly a designer, actress, and entrepeneur 'who is always taken the indifference to the person she is?' Where will it be written?

⬜️ Get Taylor Swift out of my mind.. maybe there is an extra with Taylor being Fearless?

⬜️ Keep an eye out for the new look 'the compact®'... does my hair look designed, or brushed?

⬜️  Wash my undergarments, in case of 'that special occasion'.

⬜️ Think, "YES, WE CAN".


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⬜️ Prepare 'regular updates®', a glamour show of excellence with "...authenticity is beautiful"


⬜️ Look Read the 'NEW' 'the compact®', and appreciate not all modelling agencies Act the 'same® {Katy Chic Perry}®'


⬜️ Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile Emilia Romagna Grand Prix [April 18]_China cancellation.

⬜️Look to George W.Bush and ask yourself, how are we to do with those 'axis of evils' in our everyday life, while looking after our nails?

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⬜️ Think, "is there a new wave economy coming?"


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