To contain thought to its bare minimium where emotions deliver good outcomes is to provide essential security of mind®.




Lloyd J. Austin 'today' announced publicly 'that of today 8,500 service members are in a State Of Preparedness upon a critical point of association with that of N.A.T.O. response to amounting pressure between the border of Russia and Ukraine.

Baltic Sea

N.A.T.O. has affirmed its role, to establish a priority to restrain violent activity that may affectively disturb the terrain of the UKRAINE Government.

Sea & Airspace is a contingent 'factor' to minimize the spread of aggression that may 'be seen of consequence' but not of nature®.

The Baltic Sea is a containment line to increase safety standards for N.A.T.O Alliances.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, ARE boarding populations aligned to the N.A.T.O. Treaty that signifies Uni-lateral support with defense measures.

ANALYSIS, January 25, 2022 by Duncan McLean® 2022©

1993 changed a historical context when Russia became what had been establish with most 'Western Nations' a view of citizenry that adopts an approach of governance that sees its representation by citizenry.

Since then, developments occur within Russia that not fully completed within the definition of 'democratic Constitutions' adhered to Western Philosophical Think Tanks.

The jurisprudence for change solely exists with Russia, and any governance outside of this 'can only be seen as a hostile inventory as much as trade negotiations taking away freedom and rights to exchange based on conditions of peace and structured on orientations on providing its citizenry an application to governance.

The 'current' process where military input bordering a N.A.T.O. ally name Ukraine is increased has ALERTED The Secretary of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (N.A.T.O.) Jens Stoltenberg to set negotiations as Generale Secretariat of N.A.T.O. to alleviate the recognizeable threats Ukraine are in recognition of.


Recognition is a 'factor' and a matter of attendance. If not to partake as an attendee the recognition fails, and acts become incognisant with the recognition relative view. 

PENTAGON PRESS SECRETARY Kirby, signified it cognition said, "It's very clear that the Russians have no intention, right now, of de-escalating", he said.

Defense and Dialogue as been the sustaining affect in negotiations with Russia, N.A.T.O., AND Russia-NATO Council. Three bodies to embody dialogue where misrepresentations, misinterpretations and misalignments can be referred to in meetins and exchanges of 'communication'.


N.A.T.O. does not exercise procedure to alienate autonomy of member states or Russia, but to Act in 'recognition of peace'.

Ukraine borders Russia, and has been a part of NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION 'ever' since relations developed back in the early 1990s. A date paralleling that of Russia becoming a democratic nation. Two countries with two historical archives to that of 'economical perplexity'. The Praxis is the cognisant fuel of dialogue that is to build a exercise with both Sovereignties that do not affect its space time continuum. A continuum that revolves on citizenry, communication, transparency and adherency to its independency to international 'recognition' of a State Base exercise with Rights And Dignities to that of other dignitaries.

A containment line for thought is Kirby's statement, not an advance on Russia's cognition but a parallel that the border of Ukraine is not clearly understood and a theory has to be present to be a 'recognizable factor in developing dialogue between Jens Stoltenberg and Russia-NATO Council.