Prior to 2020, there was a writing to Miranda Kerr about the market susceptibility to defame her brand in recognition of the extraction process of her beautiful crystals. Miranda Kerr, a a beautiful woman dedicated to her female patriots to recognise that our Planet Earth has to be recognised for its beauty, healing potential, and its ability to join those whom love Planet Earth gifts that it gives to life.

This was after journals around the globe dedicated her husband as advising her to distribute her product {50 million dollars}  through a company whose respect for the environment from analysis equalled waste product. This is understandable as 'real time' is required for Miranda Kerr to establish a strategy that does not focus on electronics and it comparative regime of software development that the potential of beautifying is to recognise that real beauty is in our bodies and cannot exist without 'the buttock basin of water'®'

develop® is the first stae®, of THE STAGE STORY BOARD PUBLISHING™ research agenda, where the research has to reflect nature®, the ecology of PLANET EARTH, beautiful woman® such as miranda kerr, and the ability to provision for dedicate narrative® to reach beyond the SOLAR SYSTEM. It is light®, and from what is understood TERRACOTTA has healihg potential which Miranda Kerr will possibly recieve from my PRESSING SERVICE® as such the clay foundation can give a oxidisation potential.

illumenattiae® is like a 'fancy party' whereupon you invite guests that you love, deliver a welcoming drink, provide food, flowers and beautiful drinks to match the guest and talk about important things of nature®

illumenattiae® is social and economical in product, but more about the need to want what is good and do ALL YOU CAN to provide according to your nature's capacity whether, a slight teese, a decorum or a bend at the knee. Duncan McLean