THE STAGE STORY BOARD PUBLISHING™ is an intative to provide a service that give a woman® a resource to appreciate their beauty in nature®

Even if you used to model in publications that are now old and were about a non-ecological base such as Playboy, ZOO, or even Vogue a patterns an authority on media sources rather than set a 'trend' where waste with economical gain is a paramount picture in self-glorification, then do read.

"design and stage 

   pressing service... ma'am"

"Who is it.. ... .

       ... . dear?"

"Excuse me Sir, there is some...

    ... Oh God forgive me..

"Is it a woman?""

...pompous arse ruining Our Country!"

"No Sir... I do not know who he is..."

The Clock is ticking 'in 

Australia's Mother Country.

Australia 'turns away' from a trust source 'in France', and seeks to resolves its issues with The United States Of America and United Kingdom.

United Kingdom ONLY recently reformed on a Brexit 'thinking that all trade negotiations have changed its predispostion on a Tradition that saw Merchant traders sailing tall ships everywhere to bring upon 'its Homeland' a vast new wealth of enterprise and resources.

France, by its historical knowledge and empiricism with Democratic Change saw much reform to a democracy that was alienated by many wars, more than The United States Of America has faced. With that trade embargos, testing misrepresented and now a international harmoniser that seems to be taken away by a different international governance that even leave Senators in Australia 'scratching theirs heads; The Paris Agreement, a ecological adventure that even Pope Francis I of Roma, Italia, THE HOLY SEE, sees 'its our imperative for survival as a loving humanity.

"Oh, just give him.. 

the pose."

nature 'Of' man, politic