The Stage Story Board Publishing is an entity dedicated to sight® and light® as a means of interpreting our Universe®. It began with just a noted idea® that artificial lighting system incorporated with natural lighting leaves the mind and sight exposed to intelligence deformities and abnormal identification procedures.

In 2013, a 'newton moment' a natural object objectified this rationale and allow my research and analysis begin in a very circumspect way where it was 'new' and 'no resources' available to appreciate the context of such a 'reality' that current thought was at. This is not to say that institutions that devote their time and economical resources to developing science are not relevant, it is to say The Stage Story Board Publishing is 'hoped' to be an entity that contain the idea® first throught a product called the L.U.M.E.™ into a linguistics that will provoke a new idea® of light® and sight® into a domain called K.O.R.A.™.