... SFSingleSeater® 2020©
SFsingleSeater® credentials

.. is it available in Pink?

.. who does the laundry?

... Scuderia Ferrari 

"Hurry up! Hurry Up! Step right in! Step right in! The show stopper of 2020© is happening here right at The Stage Story Board Publishing®!!!

... Scuderia Ferrari, italian style    .....
.. yep, just swinging..
.. that a word for dancing!

.. are you looking at me?

.. so your tired!

.. ooh you think light® is an abstract?
.. when all goes well?
SF Sebastian Vetal
SF Charles Leclerc
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Chassis: Carbon Fibre

Cubic Capacity: 1600cc

Limit Fuel Per/Race: 110 kilograms

Power capacity: Turbo charged engine with ERS system

Driver Number: 5
Driver Number: 16