On Wednesday 6the February 'in the accompanying year' of 1952, the King Of The then George VI marked the occasion where Elizabeth II became the Queen Of The Commonwealth, 'and as the sun rises on the dignified occasion of the ANZAC bringing England & Australia together, so did Queen Elizabeth II became the respect of TWO Nations and became the Dignified Queen of Two Countries.

The Subject of"
'The Crown'

~To acquire wealth is not of a Royal, but to hitherto to much need to deliver no compromise with an estate that spans many countries that is 'simply' a tradition of being open to hearing the needy and deprive throughout the world. 62 pence per person per year ~ less than the price of two first class English postage stamps - to observe a Commonwealth of Nationss without comprise~

~Existence of family shared values~

The British Monarchy have existed over many centuries which has underpinned stability and a rule that governs today.

... decademce 'or servitude ..

The Royal Family are not slaves to a tradition that compromises any individual and the person whether it be 'custom', 'religion', 'political association' or 'economical privilege'. 

An historical achive of hospitality
The British Monarchy

Her Majesty,

Queen Elizabeth II

{1952 ~ 2020}

 ~the Royal Family tradition~