nature® as a clear and concise origin to behave®® to see nature® its beginning..

nature® and natural® have become synonymous with laziness of the mind®, where nature apart from scientific research is seen either as a predetermination of thought or leisure activity. Is nature® a methodology or an evolving idea® where we can sight® a correct ENTRY® and correct EXIT®.

nature® is not part of behavior, and yet we behave according to our own thoughts! Image surfing on a pile of sand instead of water? Can you image riding a bucket of sand, and doing the high five to a chick in a string bikini standing five centrimetres away from you? "That would be the apostrophe of disaster with an english teacher who fancied the Principal!"


..not normal.. the identityTheory® ....

"Why do we characterise objects in our sight?"

The When data® is required to see movement, is the data® relative to the observer or nature®? dependancy of passage® to data® ensures the photographer is 'briefed' into nature® rather than framing nature according to his or her mind®. data® such as below has many option® but only with The Stage Story Board Publishing® 2020©.

... 'in light®'