'foundation® is a treaty with nature® that gives authority to a love where societies can co-exist with the very substance that allows us as human beings to connect.

'The Holy See, a thought centre for peace makers is a centre that does not observe solely itself as Jesus taught, but recognition that societies in Afghanistan, IRAQ and IRAN is just as important to create historical affinities with a God as much as Judiasm in Israel, but for ALLAH's sake. 

'family is more that congradulatory notes or popularity contest when a person can seem good but denote that their importance should be of more importance than the single person who is isolated, broken and a contigent mental delusion.

'Think, what if a parishioner or Priest were not to act as Jesus did, and gave the analogous snake to a person who sought conciliation and consolation with that of connecting to similar paradigmatic views.

Places like Afghanistan, IRAQ and other forms of deviation away from the act of good nature would be broken people.

'THE HOLY FATHER, of the Catholica, The Catholic Church in Roma Italia, Acts as Mary known as The Virgin Most Pure 'Our Mother' for those whom are abandoned. Pope Francis 'I' is THE HOLY FATHER whom those whom are lost and find Mother Mary seek Francis 'i' The Pontificate the 2000 year 'gift' God sent.

'THE Pope Francis 'I' like Mother Mary 'visits' not unlike Mother Mary in the Joyful Mysteries other nations and affiliations to nature® such as ALLAH to comfort that Catholica is not the only faith to observe a ascent to seeking Holiness with other than thyself.


A mystic 'writer' named John.