Ever wonder when someone is chopping your grind you seem to be the menu for your own product? Image stopping that and being the person you always wanted to be.

Your cup is riding the saucer on a wave of tastebudDelight, and the wind picks up rocking that liqueur outta your mouth... whadda do? Well, to biscuit that thought, go to the back door dunny and come back to see someone lick the sweet delici out of your crumb leaving you nothing but pastry...
... there gotta be a better deal than that!!!


"image® walking the beach, your seeing good things but have to stop to look at the surf, the swells and you forget the sex. Is it sexed up surf where the body board is the chick riding the heavy swells while the wind blows up her skirt and the man just looks and says, "man if she were my lap, I would be boogie boarding all the way to that altar of pure pleasure."

But hey, board riders look over in the parliamentary sitting and say, "nah mate, chicks just break the foam and damage the occasion where I can just lay on my chest look out over the horizon and expect that cool diggin' 'shaken me off the handle bars ride' comin' over that little spot of heaven's sake!' What is with those politicians? Have they not experienced that cool ride where there is not one local who would give up the ultimate date with a cool biddy chick and live the dream of sprayin' the board with that white foam while hangin' for that barrel of fun?"

Yep, those politicians need to forget numberin' that tick tack toe and start to look at some local knowledge where the only ride is being yourself own authenticate® self, And be with nature of the mind® where the only real holidayin' is shiggy shaggin' your board® monologue® with the nature® that light® opens us up to.

"yo, kiddy man!!! this site not bout' your pumping some crude oil ego into a biddy chick, but slivering down that tube of jail!" You think theft on the beach begins with the man coming from nowhere your absolutely wrong. The dudesLocal® know that to be a rider of the waves® (for World Surfers League)' you have to understand the nature® of the waves. light® of course is the nature of seeing good. 

Duncan C. McLean® The Stage Story Board Publishing®